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Results - Ray Howe 2016

Full results of the Ray Howe 2016 Shoot can be viewed here.

Prize giving pictures are in the order in which they were given (reverse order 3rd left to 1st right). More pictures can be viewed on our photo gallery

Junior Winners Prize Giving

IMGA0151 (1024x768)
IMGA0152 (1024x768)
IMGA0153 (1024x768)

Ladies Barebow Prize Giving

IMGA0156 (1024x768)
IMGA0154 (1024x768)
IMGA0155 (1024x768)

Mens Barebow Prize Giving

IMGA0157 (1024x768)
IMGA0158 (1024x768)

Ladies Longbow Prize Giving

IMGA0159 (1024x768)
IMGA0160 (1024x768)
IMGA0161 (1024x768)

Mens Longbow Prize Giving

IMGA0163 (1024x768)
IMGA0164 (1024x768)
IMGA0162 (1024x768)

Special Prize To Lady Paramount

IMGA0166 (1024x768)