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Rules Of Shooting

Rule 1

On the shooting line, silence is strictly forbidden;


Rule 2

Barracking is mandatory at all times;


Rule 3

Tampering with opponents equipment is to be encouraged, especially if they are better than you;


Rule 4

Mead is to be consumed at all times, preferably someone else's;


Rule 5

Being silent for more than 2 minutes at a time is considered dangerous because of the average age of our members, your mates may think you are deceased and will promptly nick all of your equipment on the grounds that you dont need it any more;


Rule 6

For those who have no imagination, a list of poor shooting excuses will be displayed in the equipment shed;


Rule 7

Dont forget to laugh when a fellow archer misses the boss becuase they may laugh at you when you miss...


Rule 8

None of the above rules really apply.....that would just be plain silly...



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