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BOC Badge Jez

About Us

Established in 2012, Bowmen of Caradoc was born of enthusiasm for traditional archery and are proud to be one of the only clubs within the county of Shropshire to shoot only Longbow, Warbow or Barebow archery.


Since then Bowmen of Caradoc has continued to grow introducing new members, young and old, male and female alike into our friendly, dysfunctional family of maniacs and misfits all sharing an unhealthy addiction to shooting.  We only have two requirements – obsessive enjoyment of the sport and a good sense of humour.


Based in the heart of the Shropshire hills surrounding Church Stretton we enjoy beautiful scenic views across the county whilst finding our lost arrows.

BOC Badge Jez

About Our Club Colours and Badge

Standard Club Shooting Times

Our chosen colour which is worn with our badge to represent the club is purple.


The badge itself as shown to the left was created utilising a blue and yellow chequer pattern which is part of our Chairman's family Coat of Arms (The Clifford Family) in the county colours.  The archer was taken from the banner of the Shropshire Fraternity of Longbows which depicts an archer holding a bow in black. "Salopia" is the old Latin name for Shropshire.


Caradoc is one of the most well known of the local hills that surround the Church Stretton area where Bowmen of Caradoc is based - for more information on Caradoc itself please click here,

Our standard club shooting times are as below but please check the Events Calendar for further information.



Wednesday evenings from 6pm

Saturday daytime from 10am


Summer Season

All activities are based on our field and in our woods during the summer (please see Directions for details).


Winter Season

During winter Wednesday evenings are at our indoor venue between 6-8pm whilst daytime shoots remain on our field and in our woods.


Indoor venue address:

Church Stretton School

Shrewsbury Road

Church Stretton


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