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Field Shooting / Woods Course

One of the most enjoyable (and my personal favourite) places to shoot is our woods course.  It's archery gone wild!


Here all standard rules are void (except safety of course).  You shoot however you can whether that's twisting backwards or on your knees to get around the trees.


Targets are fun creatures to shoot at including Homer Simpson and a variety of wild animals many of which are painted by our archer, tailor and artist extraordinare Ray Howe.

Targets are normally shot from 3 set pegs (set by Dr. Evil so we apologise in advance) with one shot from each.  Here you gauge distance, height, trajectory and try to avoid anything harmful to your arrows!


Places to avoid include branches along the way and high in the tree tops:

It's unique, challenging and great fun!

Arrow Fails
Woods People No Gap
Woods Targets
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