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Custom Made Arrows By Ray Howe

Native American style field quiver used by Ray Howe


Quiver is made from wool cloth with canvas backing, it holds about 20 arrows when full.  The two pouches hold repair kit, whistle, knife and fire making kit.

The fringes are buckskin and the decoration is made up of paint and bead work

2-Plains style wild rose shaft 3/8 dia bone point tied on with artificial sinew




3-Cherokee 2 feather fletch 3/8 dia hazel shaft modern target point




4-Plains style 3/8 dia hazel shaft, bone point tied on with artificial sinew




5-plains style 5/16 dia hazel shaft blunt made from antler

Set of Plains style arrows 3/8 dia hazel shaft, feathers are dyes with wood stain, glued and tied with artificial sinew.


1A -Painted hardwood hunting blunt

1B- Steel point cut from steet sheet

1C &1D- Bone Point cut from large bones purchased from pet shop

1E- point made from deer antler

ray quiver
ray arrows 2 to 5
ray arrows 1a to 1e
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