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BOC Badge Jez


As a club dedicated to traditional archery it's only natural that many of our members also participate in reenactments.  Some reenactors are dedicated to archery reenactment alone but others choose to mix their weaponery using everything from swords and axes to polearms.


Hacking at each other (supposedly referred to as "training sessions") is often also carried out on our field, after all what better way to relax after a good shooting session than to hack at something with a large pointy weapon?


Our reenactors are always enthusiastic for new people to slash at, don't worry they don't bite (seriously they can't the helmets get in the way!).

Banner Reenactors
Reenactment Squares
Crazy Reenactors

And just to proove that they're entirely sane here's some pictures of them playing in the snow and getting hit in the head:

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